Thursday, 25 February 2016

Obi Worldphone MV1 launched at Mobile World Congress 2016

San Francisco based Obi Worldphone has launched its third smartphone called Obi Worldphone MV1 in Barcelona, Spain. The phone has been designed by San Francisco based Ammunition Group lead by Robert Brunner. The Obi Worldphone MV1 has been specifically made for the 'young professionals' according to Obi Worldphone's co-founder John Sculley. 

As far as the features of the phone go, MVI comes unlocked and has dual SIM LTE phone. The screen size of the phone is 5 inch and it has a floating display. The display is totally HD and has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.The phone's display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. 

This latest Obi Worldphone offering is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 with 1.3 GHz  quad-core processor. The phone's battery has a power of 2500 mAh. Now coming to camera, the phone features a primary camera of 8 MP and the frontal camera comes with 2 MP. The phone will be available in 2 variants: 1 GB RAM  and 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB RAM and 16 GB RAM. Both the variants can be expanded to up to 64 GB through the microSD card.

The Ammunition Group founder Robert Brunner said, "For our markets, the design of the MV1 is a fresh, modern breath of air in a sea of sameness. Its combination of simple form, iconic outline and resolved details make it an object to be desired." 

Obi Worldphone co-founder John Sculley said, “This is an industry with 200 different brands vying for consumers’ attention. There will be 1.4 billion Android phones produced in 2016 alone, so there needs to be a way to stand apart from the pack. The components for all these different phones are mass produced, in the same countries, and often in the same exact factories. What we’ve done with the Obi Worldphone from the very beginning is show that it’s possible to have a beautifully designed phone that fits into your lifestyle at an accessible price without sacrificing form and technology. You don’t have to give up style in exchange for substance. With the MV1, you can have both.”

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Xiaomi Redmi 3 ensures you never run out of power

Xiaomi, which is more known for making low cost budget smartphone as a seller has definitely raised many eyebrows with its latest releases Xiaomi Redmi 3. Xiaomi Redmi 3 launched in China on 12th January 2016 at USD159 and will soon release in other regions as well. With 41000 mAh battery back up, some even call it an external battery first and a smartphone second.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 will definitely stand out as a stylish device in your hand with its metal built body and with some popular sheen in Dark Gray, Silver and Classic Gold. It is surprisingly thinner compared to its predecessor Redmi 2. Despite the metal built and huge battery, Redmi 3 measures 139.3 x 69.4 x 8.5 mm and weighs only 144g.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 comes with the usual 5 inch screen, but with a below average display resolution of 720x1280 pixels. This is disappointing considering that a 5” screen needs a better resolution for a good visual experience.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 runs on the now common Android 5.1 (Lollipop) software. For our good, it also runs on eight cores. This is supposed to make multi taking easier for the users. With Snapdragon 616 chipset and Cortex-A53 and Adreno 405 GPU at 1.5GHz clock speed, it should make a smooth combination for the phone to run.

Redmi 3 is well on the storage front as well. It comes with a 2GB RAM, comparable to what its competitors in the smartphone market offer. It has 16GB internal storage and a good 128GB expandable memory. In camera, here, Xiaomi offers a 5MP front snapper and a 13MP rear snapper, which is deemed good enough.

Lastly, the top most feature of Xiaomi Redmi 3 is its huge 4100mAh battery power. One would wonder why we need such a huge battery, this again is part of the trending battery race, hence we can flaunt it. However, Xiaomi would be the first company to give such a huge battery power at just USD 159.